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praise for Completely

debut album by the Michael Gallant Trio

“★ ★ ★ ★. . . infectious and captivating".”

-Jon Ross, DownBeat

“Gallant moves from acoustic to electric, elegance giving way to grunge and grit . . . A superb debut by an artist unafraid and bending the tradition".”

-Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

“This, my friends, is the future of jazz. Fresh, invigorating, progressive - there are simply not enough positive adjectives to list here. . . Five stars.”

-Brent Black, Critical Jazz

praise for The Pillowman

produced at the Studio Theatre in Washington, DC

“Michael Gallant bathes the opening of the first and second act in some gorgeous, mood-setting original music; I would have bought the CD if it was on sale in the lobby.”

-Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Reviews

“The music by Michael Gallant (not to be confused with the fictional character on ER) is as distinctive as was the music he composed for Studio’s Far Away. Indeed, it seems to transition from an almost Disney movie score mode into something more like a Maurice Jarre suspense soundtrack.”

-Brad Hathaway, American Theaterweb


praise for The Simple Things

self-released debut album

“5 starts out of 5 ... For music purists, it doesn't get any better than this. The Simple Things is a gorgeous and deep debut.”

-Wildy's World

“... Gallant, whose keyboard work, which changes dramatically in style and intensity, fits so well within each song that it takes it to a higher level. These guys are good. No, they are actually better than good.”

-Frank Gutch, Jr., Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

“The Simple Things are sophistication, they are imagery, they are that soothing voice that calms you when you're all keyed up.”

-Andrea Guy, Mossip Blog


praise for Katie Garibaldi, Next Ride Out

Living Dream Music

“The album also includes an enjoyable recreation of Katie's song, 'Went Too Far (Foot In My Mouth),' which features Michael Gallant, Keyboard Magazine Senior Editor, on grand piano, giving a whole new spin on such an already likable song.”

-Brian Ball, WomensRadio Music Review


praise for Far Away

produced at the Studio Theatre in Washington, DC

“Sound designer Gil Thompson and composer Michael Gallant also deserve special mention for a soundscape that adds greatly to the eerie textures of the play, the calm enveloped in an escalating sense of dread.”

-Peter Marks, the Washington Post


praise for Ol' Cheeky Bastards, Bag O'Tricks

Vagrant Records

“This album has a really cool vibe . . . 'Ladies and Gentlemen' has some hokey, upbeat piano played by Michael Gallant that I loved. ”

-Lewis “the Swan” Rossignol, The Truth Can Be Brutal blog